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3 ways help stop moths and protect your cashmere sweater

Previously you maybe have already read the article about how to store winter cashmere sweater to keep it safe from moths. And that article do not expresses all the points that can help stop moths. In addition, here are three more tips that can also help you prevent and even kill moths.1. Freeze the cashmere sweater. Freezing temperatures can kill any moth eggs or larvae in your cashmere sweater. You can use a freezer in a pinch if necessary.2. Sprinkle the cashmere sweaters with black pepper. Wrap in paper or put into a bag and the moths will be deterred. No moths can resist this kind of pepper.3. Try to put cedar blocks in with your cashmere sweaters. Moths don't like cedar and will keep away from its scent. It can help you against moths and it indeed has good effect to protect your cashmere sweaters.

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