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5 Advantages of a Cashmere Hat

1.Softer – a cashmere hat feels very soft. Do you find that wool hats make you itch ? They make my head itch, that’s for sure. A cashmere hat won’t make your head itch. It’s funny how people find it hard to resist stroking cashmere.

2.Lighter – a cashmere hat weighs less than a wool hat. I don’t think you really notice this unless you have a hat with a giant bobble on top, so it’s a small advantage. Although when packing for a flight when every gram counts, then a cashmere hat could make the difference.

3.Warmer – Due to the very thin thickness and the structure of the cashmere fibre more air is trapped in a more stable way. This insulates. This is what makes a cashmere hat warmer that a wool hat.

4. Looks good – There is something about items knitted in cashmere which looks great. Due to the fibre being fine and the knit being small, it means that the final object has quite a smooth finish and a slight sheen. They don’t look unnaturally shiny like some fibres, they just have a lovely soft sheen which says quality.

5. It is the best fibre – Let’s be honest, we all love to have the best of something in any category. A wool or cotton hat might do the job fairly well, but when you can have the best there is for a manageable price increase, then it is hard to resist.

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