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5 men’s basic sweater styles

Crew neck

The crew neck is basically the T-shirt of sweaters—it can be worn over tees, under jackets and with jeans or dressier trousers. An Autumn Cashmere crew neck sweater in cashmere is soft and versatile, and will quickly become your new go-to.


The slightly dressier version of a crew neck, V-neck sweaters are professional-looking but still effortless, making them the perfect pick for a casual office environment or just about any type of weekend adventure.


Today’s cardigans are preppy and put together, masculine and modern. Layer a cardigan over a tee shirt or a dress shirt to look instantly dapper.


Turtlenecks are a must for those too-cold-to-function days and can be worn on their own or under sportcoats, leather jackets or heavier sweaters.


Also referred to as a pullover sweater, the half-zip is a key layering piece. It can be worn both as a top layer over a collared dress shirt or tee or as a middle layer under either a sportcoat or jacket. It also helps frame the face, much like a collared shirt would. Try a half-zip sweater with buttons or a zipper.

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