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About Digital Print

Digital printing is to use a printer to directly print out the patterns you need on various materials.

Basic features of digital printing:

(1) there is no need to spend expensive plate making costs, as long as you like the pattern transfer and heat transfer printing master, after a little processing by the printing master, you can produce printing paper for transfer printing.

(2) as there is no plate making, some unnecessary technological processes are saved, and the sample production speed is increased quickly. Generally, the sample can be produced in 2-3 days.

(3) there is no limit to the number of colors, so that the pattern color is more full and delicate.

(4) the materials used are environment-friendly and pollution-free, which can completely eliminate the worries caused by unqualified environmental protection.

(5) one start printing can show the unique personalized characteristics of the world.

(6) excellent color fastness. As long as your fabric is mainly polyester fabric, the color fastness to light and wash can reach above level 4.

(7) soft hand feel and good air permeability.

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