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Advantages of cashmere yarn knitting

1. Excellent insulator

Cashmere knitting yarn is eight times warmer than ordinary wool yarn.

This fine fiber structure can prevents air from passing through the clothing, thus maintaining your body's heat.

Unlike other types of yarn, cashmere can be used as a light cardigan or scarf even in warm summer, matching with thin skirts, shirts and dresses.

The higher moisture content makes the insulation performance change with the change of relative humidity in the air. This makes cashmere very suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. Therefore, cashmere is neither a winter dress nor a summer dress, but it is a comfortable dress all the year round.

2. Easy staining

You can buy cashmere yarn to weave cashmere in natural colors, including white, brown and gray.

Cashmere can be easily dyed into any fashionable color without affecting the quality.

3. Light and elegant

100% cashmere is very light and not bulky. That's why it's one of the most popular materials in fashion.

4. Elasticity

When knitting cashmere yarn, its flexibility and elasticity make it a beautiful fabric.

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