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Benefits of Merino Wool

Wool naturally has many sought after characteristics which make it an ideal material. Combine this with the very fine nature of Merino Wool and you have a highly desirable material. This very fine fibre makes Merino wool much softer against the skin and more luxurious to wear than traditional wool types. Another benefit for using Merino in clothing is that it will not itch or irritate the skin.Merino wool fibres are able to absorb moisture away from the body so that the wearer remains dry whilst sweating from exercise or from warmth. This allows it to regulate the temperature of the body by keeping you cooler in hotter weather.Merino wool also has natural anti-microbial properties that make it odor-resistant as well as being so soft that it is often suitable for those that would normally suffer from allergic reactions. These properties as well as the hard wearing, durable and natural elasticity make Merino wool an ideal choice for children’s clothing.

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