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Caring For Your Cashmere


To look after your cashmere in the best possible way we recommend washing your cashmere by hand. We always recommend to wash your cashmere inside out in cold water and to use a special detergent because regular detergent will be to harsh for the cashmere

When hand washing, you should use lukewarm water and a mild soap or shampoo. Gently work the suds into the fabric and rinse thoroughly.

When drying the garment, gently squeeze excess water out or lightly roll in a clean towel.

Lay your garment flat in its natural shape to dry completely before storing.


When storing your cashmere do not hang the garment as it might get out of shape. Store it in your closet folded and try to keep it dust free and away from sunlight. Storing a lavender bag with your cashmere will help it keep extra fresh and keep the moths away.


Pilling is natural when  using your cashmere and will happen over time, usually in areas with high frictions. Remove the pilling by hand or use our cashmere comb which gently removes surface pilling. The comb that follows with every purchase of our cashmere sweaters is made to remove the lose fibers so you won’t damage the garment. Never use a scissor or razor as you’ll damage the fibres and make it worse. Peel it regular to make it look new again.

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