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Cashmere Knitted Patterns

There are a lot of different ways to knitted a sweater, to give different textures and thickness. Here is some common cashmere knitted patterns:

PLAIN KNIT: A sweater that is plain knitted has a flat surface and do not have any knitted patterns. A plain knitted sweater is most often knitted in 12 gg. CABLE KNIT: A cable knitted sweater is knitted in a different method than plain knitted garments. The result of this method is a decorative knitted pattern that remind us of braids. RIBB KNIT: A ribbed knitted garment is knitted in a special way that gives it a fine ribbed pattern. Ribbed knits can look very different, but a common thing is that they stretch.


DIAMOND STITCH: A chunky knitted sweater that is stitched in oblique squares that reminds of diamonds. WAFFLE KNIT: A soft and thinly stitched sweater, knitted with a method that creates squares that reminds us of the pattern of a waffle. MOSS KNIT: A thicker knitted sweater with a lower gauge. It is knitted in a way that creates a "bubbly" texture.

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