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Cashmere Properties

Goat cashmere has irregular thin and deep curl, which is composed of scale layer and cortex layer. There is no medulla layer. The density of scale is about 60-70 pieces / mm. The cross section of fiber is nearly circular, and its diameter is thinner than that of fine wool. The average fineness is more than 14-16um. The fineness unevenness is small, about 20%. Its length is generally 35-45mm. Its strong elongation and hygroscopicity are better than that of sheep wool. It is fine, light and soft Soft, smooth and warm. The fiber has moderate strength, elasticity and a natural soft color. Cashmere is more sensitive to acid, alkali and heat than fine wool. Even under the condition of lower temperature and concentration of acid and alkali, fiber damage is significant, especially sensitive to oxidants containing chlorine.

First, cashmere is the thinnest kind of animal fiber. The fineness of Albas cashmere is generally between 13um-15.5um, with high natural curl, close arrangement in spinning and weaving, good cohesion, so it has good warmth retention. The outer scale of cashmere fiber is small and smooth, and there is an air layer in the middle of the fiber, so it is light and smooth.

Second, the color is natural and soft. Cashmere fiber has uniform fineness, small density, regular circular cross section, strong hygroscopicity, can fully absorb dyes, and is not easy to fade. Compared with other fibers, cashmere has the advantages of natural luster, softness, purity, gorgeous, etc.

Third, it is flexible and elastic. Cashmere fiber, due to its large crimp number, crimp rate and crimp recovery rate, is suitable for processing into a full-bodied, soft, elastic knitwear, comfortable and natural to wear, and has good reduction characteristics, especially after washing, it does not shrink and has good shape retention.

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