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Cashmere blended products also good choices

Generally, according to the proportion of raw material, cashmere product is divided into 100% cashmere and cashmere blended. There are many kinds of cashmere blended products on the market with the exception of pure one. For example, there are easy seen items like cashmere wool blended products, cashmere silk blended products and so on.

The cashmere wool blended product is the most common one. For example, 70% wool 30% cashmere, 50% wool 50% cashmere, 30% wool 70% cashmere and so on. Pure cashmere product is warmer than cashmere wool blended product and of course, the latter is cheaper than the former. 

Cashmere silk blended product is also good blended one. Silk is compatible with the soft gloss, moisture permeability, light and bright, smooth and elastic, and the fine cashmere fiber, which is warm, light, soft with good toughness and else characteristics, not easy to fade, and should be carefully maintained. We have hot selling items like 45%silk 55%cashmere, 70%silk 30%cashmere, 85%silk 15%cashmere and so on. Now cashmere silk blended is widely used in the autumn and winter underwear products.

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