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Cashmere care


The pleats on the cashmere from our Pleat Collection will soften over time with wear, but in our opinion this will make the shawl softer and lovelier.
Pilling is a natural characteristic of cashmere, and can easily be removed using a cashmere comb. Do not de-pill too often as this may cause holes.
Cashmere is a delicate fibre and you need to be aware of sharp jewellery, zips and velcro as they may catch and cause damage. 


Always fold your cashmere when storing in order to prevent stretching or distortion.
You need to be vigilant in order to protect your cashmere from moths. Whilst some people recommend cedar and lavender for keeping the moths away, in our experience this is not enough. One option is to store your cashmere in a breathable cotton/canvas bag or in the Lois Avery presentation box. You can also shake your cashmere in a light and airy environment once a month to remove any moth larvae. Never store your cashmere near dirty clothing as the odours and oils with attract moths. 
If you’re concerned about moths then pop your cashmere in a plastic bag and leave in the freezer overnight! This will kill bacteria, moths and moth larvae.


Cashmere needs to be loved and looked after. We recommend using a specialist dry cleaner. 

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