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Cashmere sweater wearing tips

You can think of the season and what color cardigan is due to your skin color. The cold season, you should stick with the darker colors or pale. Black, navy blue, brown, dark green, in cold months, such sweaters will look good. If you are wearing a sweater and in a warm climate, you may have to deal with bright colors. Frivolous cashmere cardigan upper body effect is very great, no matter in the pitched or wear all does not occupy a space, still looks so thin, need not worry about bloated feeling.

When you wear the cashmere sweaters, there are some tips to help you get long lift time of cashmere sweaters.

Cashmere fiber is thin and easily rubbed caused ball, so when wear the cashmere sweater, it should be wearing a smooth, soft fabric underwear.

Cashmere fiber is easy to absorb moisture, and usually propagate in a dark and humid environment. When storage the cashmere sweater, it should be washed and folded in the box with mothproofer. If you use a plastic bag, you'd better make a few small holes in the bag. In general, a cashmere sweater can be worn for long time if stored properly.


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