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Cashmere yarns--woolen, worsted and semi-worsted yarns

Cashmere yarn can be divided into woolen, worsted and semi-worsted yarns according to the production process. Woolen yarn is thick and low in count, generally from 14 to 32. It is worth noting that the characteristics of high-quality cashmere are: anti-pilling, fine, warm. Known as the "King of Cashmere", the ring velvet is extremely light, thin, soft, slippery and warm, and can easily pass through a ring. 300s of cashmere is the limit of the current cashmere technology, and usually 200s are very good ring velvet products. So, the quality of pure cashmere yarn is determined by the color, thickness, length and spinning count of cashmere raw material.

Common cashmere sweaters are made of woolen yarn. In summer, worsted cashmere yarn is often used in T-shirts. Because the worsted cashmere yarn is delicate and soft, it is easy to be damaged if you don't pay attention to it. Usually when wearing, should try to avoid friction with rough, hard objects. For example, clothing with jeans, backpack with rough back fabric, cuff friction with sofa, etc. Don't wear it too long at a time. Pay attention to the interval to restore its elasticity.

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