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Cautions when wearing cashmere sweater

Cautions when wearing cashmere sweater

Due to the physical properties of cashmere sweater fibers, cashmere sweaters are prone to pilling and static electricity. Please be careful when wearing the suit. Do not install hard objects, pens, etc. in the inner pocket of the suit to avoid local friction and pilling. Minimize friction with hard objects when wearing outside Long friction) and strong pull. Pay attention to the surrounding environment when wearing cashmere sweaters, so as not to stain the cashmere sweaters, frequent washing of cashmere sweaters will reduce the service life. Pay attention to the intermittent period when wearing cashmere sweaters to prevent fatigue and static electricity of cashmere products. Pay attention to anti-corrosive substances and oil when wearing. Cashmere sweaters are suitable for wearing without causing damage to the skin.

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