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Comb the goats

Cashmere is a luxurious garment that is soft and cloud-like wispy. Stemming from the goat, the fiber is three times more insulating than sheep wool. It is combed from the underside of the goat in a very natural process at springtime when it starts to lose their winter coats. Herders with generations of expertise hand comb the fiber to protect the goats from overheating and to prevent them from follow-up animal diseases such as ticks and lice when it gets warm outside. This is the most sustainable and humane way of harvesting cashmere. To the goats, it is almost like receiving a massage. Imagine yourself still wearing heavy winter-coat on nice warm days. It is unbearably hard. If you don’t comb goats for cashmere, then they are at the risk of freezing to death during harsh storms. After the rain, their coats become crusty and prevent the growth of new fiber.

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