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How to Identify Pure Cashmere

You know that not all cashmere was created equal, now here’s the practical information on how to spot a phony posing as pure cashmere. There are a number of tests you can try on your cashmere.

The Label Inspection

Just because a sign says “cashmere” doesn’t mean it’s 100% or even 50% cashmere. For this test, no expert feel or dissections required – all you’ll need to do is simply read the care label. Carefully check the breakdown of the fabric that makes up the garment; see the percentage of cashmere and the percentage of other fibres, if they’re present.

How’s the Knit?

Typically, you want closely knitted cashmere. The looser that the wool is woven or knitted means that not as much fabric was used. This also means that retailers can buy the fabric cheaper because less cashmere is being used. Despite less wool being used for this fabric, a lot of retailers will still charge a premium price. Loosely knit cashmere is a big signifier of bad quality and much less durable knitwear.

Feels Like the Whale?

The hand feel of cashmere is a very important indicator to the type of quality fabric that’s been used to make it. Cashmere that feels slippery means that’s it’s been over processed and won’t keep its shape. Or if it feels really scratchy and gritty, it usually means it hasn’t been de-haired or scoured thoroughly enough, and you’re left with a jumper made from short, rough and dirty fibres.

pilling or not?

Lower quality cashmere will see fibres begin to roll up or pill if you rub the palm of your hand over the fabric. It’s important to note that even the best woolly knitwear will eventually have some degree of pilling after constant wear with rubbing from bags, jackets etc. But good quality pure cashmere should not pill instantly. So this shouldn’t happen by simply rubbing your hand over the fabric. If this does occur, then it means that shorter, cheaper hairs may have been used.

Nice Dye Job

The end colour on a cashmere piece is actually a reflection of the yarn quality. It means when you see a full, rich finishing colour, that the yarn used was high quality and clean in its raw state. This is the type of time consuming but top quality yarn that we use.

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