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How to Store Cashmere

You would think the most sought-after cashmere in the world would require a great deal of care, but what might seem an arduous task is in fact quite easy — even fulfilling, in a productive kind of way. Just a few simple tricks can prolong the life of your cashmere for years.

While getting your sweaters ready is essential, so too is getting your storage space ready. Clean the cabinet or drawer well, carefully removing dust or insect residue. Moths are the most significant risk to your cashmere and other fine woolens, but avoid moth balls, which contain a very strong pesticide. Instead, lay down fresh moth-repellent liner paper, or purchase fresh cedar blocks or beads to repel the pests. You may also store your sweaters in sturdy plastic storage containers or cloth storage boxes.

Never hang your woollens as gravity will stretch them out of shape and leave dimples in the shoulders. Fold the arms under first then fold the whole jumper in half. This will not only look as nice as it did in the store, you'll avoid a line down the middle of your jumper.

Do not use cardboard boxes to store your cashmere in - they are not pH neutral so the chemicals in the fabric could react with the acid or alkaline in the boxes (brown cardboard boxes are very alkaline). Use a great breathable bag that is 10cm deep and can store around five knits. It has a breathable top and bottom and has a clear plastic wide band. And it's moth proof!

Similarly, don't leave garments in plastic bags for more than three months because of the change in temperature - central heating going on and off causes condensation in the bags, which dries on the garments and can cause mildew or yellowing on light colours.

If you can, wrap your cashmere in acid-free tissue paper, which preserves original colour and protects against damp and dust.

As a general rule, any stored clothes need to be kept well-aired, dust free and covered, away from sunlight. Nothing should be left in direct sunlight as sunlight rots fabrics.

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