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How to choose cashmere sweater

The selection of cashmere sweaters is mainly from two aspects:

1. Look and feel: see if the color is pure, soft, and bright; whether the size of the suede is moderate, and the suede is too large, it is easy to pilling, and the suede is small, the hand is poor ; See if the collar is flat, square, symmetrical; whether the seam is neat and straight.

2. Feeling: Touch it with your hand, and experience whether it feels soft, smooth, and elastic. If it feels rough, it may contain other fibers, or it may have poor texture and lack of processing. Wear and protect cashmere due to its fineness, short fibers, not as strong as wool and other shortcomings, so when you wear it, you should pay special attention to avoid rubbing with hard objects, coarse cloths, chemical fiber and other clothing for a long time to prevent contact with corrosive substances. Especially when wearing cashmere trousers, do not pull vigorously and do strenuous exercise, so as not to loosen the sleeves, open holes, and pilling. It is best to wear it personally.

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