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How to choose the best cashmere scarf

If you want to buy a scarf of good quality and wear it all year round, you should consider buying a cashmere scarf, because the nature of cashmere fiber determines that it is warm and comfortable.

When buying cashmere scarves, you should consider the quality of cashmere, and buy scarves labeled with 100% cashmere. While this may be true, it can also be misleading because not all cashmere is the same. Here are some things you should pay attention to make sure you get the best cashmere scarf:

The length and thickness of the fiber: the quality of cashmere depends on its length and thickness. The longer they are the more resistant and durable the 100% cashmere scarf will be and the lower the thickness the softer the yarn will be. 

Knitting: good knitting is considered tight, it feels softer and warmer. Try to lengthen part of the scarf to see if it can easily change back to its original shape.

Price: as the accountant says, “the value of a thing is in the amount paid for it ". If you buy a good quality cashmere scarf for very low price, you may not be able to buy a real cashmere scarf.

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