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How to clean different stains on Cashmere Coat

When there is a stain on the cashmere coat, it should be washed immediately. For juice stains, we can soak them in hot water with a dry towel, then wring them out and blot them over the juice stains. For coffee or tea stains, we can dry them with a dry towel. This is the easiest way to clean a cashmere coat. If there is still a stain left after the above cleaning, we can use a small neutral detergent to scrub with a cloth, when cleaning, please note that we should take a dry towel mat on the bottom of the cashmere coat. We must use wet towels, use clean detergent, and then scrub with dry towels.

 If you don't have time to clean the stain immediately, but it will take a few hours, you can dab the cashmere coat with a wet cloth with hot water. Eighty percent of the stains can be removed. Then scrub with a cloth with a neutral detergent, be careful not to add more detergent. This is a way of washing cashmere products.

 For those stains that are not easy to clean, we can use a cloth with lemon juice or vinegar to clean, because only acid can clean the pigment that has precipitated after a period of time.

If there are still some stains that are not easy to clean, we should scrub them repeatedly with a cloth with a neutral detergent. But don't forget to wash the detergent with clean water.

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