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How to iron cashmere

Soft, supple cashmere has a wrinkle-free reputation, but even this classic fabric can't hold up to extremes. If you wad your cashmere sweater in a travel bag or sloppily fold your favorite scarf and stick it under a pile of jeans, your duds will likely need ironing. In the following articles, we give you an overview of everything you need to know about how to iron cashmere.

Using a fabric steamer
This is the best option for cashmere garments. Prepare your garment by laying it on a flat surface if you own a hand-held steamer, or simply hang it if you own an upright steamer. you should check if there is enough space between the cashmere blanket or jumper and the hot steam. Steam from a slight distance, without touching the cashmere fibers. We suggest allowing your garment to cool before wearing or storing it.

Using an iron
If you don't own a fabric steamer, don't worry: it is possible to use a standard iron. Prepare your garment by turning it inside out, placing it evenly on your ironing board, and covering it with a light-colored cloth. Set your iron to its lowest setting and gently press it to the cloth, using smooth strokes. We recommend putting a piece of slightly wet cotton between the iron and the cashmere wool. That way you make sure, the fluffy characteristics of your cashmere piece won’t be damaged by the heat. Again, the iron should not directly touch the wool. The steam should be enough to straighten up the fine cashmere hairs.

An overview:

Choose the lowest heat level on your flat iron.

Put a wet piece of cotton between the flat iron and the cashmere fabric.

The iron should not directly touch the cashmere wool in any circumstance.

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