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How to wash Cashmere

High quality cashmere sweater is soft, smooth and elastic like baby's skin. You also need to be very careful when cleaning.

Cashmere is kind of natural protein fiber. Protein will denature when meeting acid and alkali. If detergent is used incorrectly, it will shrink or harden. Cashmere products can only be washed with neutral detergent. Shampoo, similar to washing powder, soap, washing liquid are alkaline detergent, can not be used when washing cashmere.

Warm water shall be used for cleaning cashmere, and the water temperature shall not exceed 30 ℃; and special cashmere detergent or neutral detergent shall be used to protect the quality of cashmere from damage.

When cleaning, dip the cashmere into the water and gently rub for 2-5 minutes.

The washed cashmere sweater should not be wrung dry. Instead, it should be put into a separate laundry bag or wrapped in a towel, dehydrated in the washing machine for 2 minutes, and then spread flat to dry in the shade.

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