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How to wash and care cashmere

Cashmere is a super soft, luxury material. Investing in a cashmere sweater, scarf, or other apparel can be expensive so it's very important to care for it well. One way to help your cashmere sweaters last longer is to pay attention to how you wash them. It’s possible to clean your cashmere at home. Whether you’re washing a sweater, dress or scarf by hand, these steps will help you keep your cashmere fresh.

Firstly, fill up a basin, bin, or bucket with enough cold water at a temperature of no more than 30 degrees to cover the item being washed. You can also use a sink. Make sure the container is clean and has with a smooth surface, with nothing that will pull or snag the cashmere.

Let your cashmere soak in the basin for five minutes, before rinsing thoroughly. Gently squeeze the water through the garment until it runs clear, don’t wring your cashmere, which can stretch out the delicate material.

When you dry the cashmere, please remember they should stay far away from the dryer, high heat and the tumbling can ruin the fibers of cashmere and cause it to warp or shrink. Lay the item out on a towel, gently roll up and press lightly. You can unroll and reshape by hand before leaving it to dry lay flat. Let it air dry naturally. 

Also, there are some caring tips for your cashmere fabrics.

1.Don’t hang your cashmere sweaters or dresses. A hanger will distort the shoulders, and the garment will lose its original shape.

2.Store cashmere in a clean and dry place; avoid plastic bins, where moisture and bugs can happily thrive.

3.Don’t wear cashmere garments too often, allow it a two or three days’ rest between wearing.

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