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Is “sheep cashmere” the real cashmere?

Sometimes we may hear about the word “sheep cashmere”, you may puzzle what is sheep cashmere? Is “sheep cashmere” the real cashmere? In fact, sheep cannot produce cashmere and cashmere can only come from goat. “Sheep cashmere” is just a marketing stunt which is used to promote the value of wool. The so-called “”sheep cashmere” is fine wool not real cashmere.

The sheep wool is thicker than cashmere, around 18 microns to 22 microns. The inner structure is totally different from cashmere. The price of wool is only 1/10 to 1/15 that of cashmere fiber. So when you heard about sheep cashmere when you buy yarn or sweater, you need to attention that is not real cashmere.

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