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Leopard Prints This Winter

Leopard prints, regarded as a symbol of wildness and sex appeal, have been a fashion trend for years. 2019 is no exception. But is the pattern suitable for everyone? How can we wear leopard prints in a new way this year?

Indeed, the beautiful leopard patterns are very dangerous, as they sometimes look sexy, while at other times look cheesy. If you are bold enough to try them on, please avoid the following taboos.

1) Leopard prints that match with laces

2) Leopard prints with exposure cuts

3) Leopard prints with oversized cuts

Except for these taboos, another piece of advice for wearing leopard prints is not to wear them from head to toe. Keeping the patterns in a small area is the best way to wear them. But if you have a one-piece dress or cardigan covered in a leopard print, stylist Kevin has a suggestion.

"You can use some accessories of dark colors as dividers, like a black waist belt. The shoes should be of dark color as well. Now it's winter, so wearing a pair of long leather gloves is both appropriate and elegant."

Kevin's suggestion is secure. If you want to try something more outstanding, you can take Yu Yang' advise.

"Leopard print coats are very in this winter. Please choose the short ones, not the long ones. Vests are also cute, as long as you can tolerate coldness. Loose-cut cardigans are also the trend this season. You cannot miss them. But be careful here. Only big leopard prints are acceptable, so don't choose those cardigans with small ones."

If you are confident about your figure, Yu Yang has even bolder suggestions.

"There are some leopard-print jumpsuits. You can match them with a leather jacket and riding boots. Since it's kind of exaggerating, it's more suitable for parties and some special occasions."

The last trend is about the colors.

"If you think pinkish or blue leopard prints are too fancy, you can wear a single-color jacket or cardigan. A scarf of the same color would make you the most eye-catching girl on the street."

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