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Must-have items for your life

There are some clothing options which are simply inescapable, and which you must have in your wardrobe for it to be truly complete.

The cashmere sweaterFor an essential and yet flattering design that you can wear for any occasion, our cashmere sweater is a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe. Unlike the often-scratchy feel of polyester and cotton sweaters, the cashmere sweater is both soft and cozy, feeling gentle to your skin no matter how long you wear it for. The cashmere cardiganThe cashmere cardigan will add a layer of comfort to any outfit, allowing you to feel cozy in any situation, even at work. Its basic design will enable you to pair your cardigan with any number of looks, making it fit for work or play, and it will complement, rather than overshadow, any outfit that you wear.

The cashmere dresses

Cashmere dresses can make simple additions to any wardrobe, adding instant sophistication to your ensemble. Its premium and durable material also ensure it has reduced wear and tear, meaning that you can wear it and that your skin can feel the benefits from its gentle material for years to come if you look after it. 

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