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Pure cashmere products should meet these characteristics

High quality cashmere products can be judged from three aspects: eye view, hand touch and price. Eye View: High-quality cashmere sweater has soft appearance, plump suede, strong wool-type feeling, and a layer of fine velvet on its surface after shrinkage. The density of the transverse and longitudinal coils is uniform, especially in bright light.Hand touch: High-quality cashmere sweater feels soft, light and warm, slippery and waxy, full of elasticity, richness and softness, so that human skin does not feel itchy.Price: High-quality cashmere sweater is the choice of superior cashmere, after choosing, washing, carding, dyeing, spinning, knitting, finishing and more than 120 processes, its cost is higher. Therefore, consumers should be careful if they encounter products with low prices.

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