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Storage and Clothes Moth Protection for Cashmere

Cashmere wool garments should be stored clean – this is critical because clothes moth larvae feed on human and animal hair and skin which is a form of protein, and they are also particularly attracted by food stains and the residual from perspiration, which also provides the moisture that is essential to their survival 

Do not hang cashmere knitwear – it will probably lose shape.  We recommend that cashmere clothes are stored neatly folded in breathable cotton storage bags in a dark and dry place.  We have the prefect solution for you in our knitwear storage bags and garment covers.

If you are storing your cashmere clothing for a long period we recommend that you periodically shake the clothing and air in bright light to deter any potential moth larvae settling.  An alternative approach is to freeze overnight in a sealed bag any garment that may not be able to be washed.  Any moth larvae will be killed and the ‘fluffiness’ of the cashmere is likely to be enhanced by the freezing process.

Finally we strongly recommend that you include a natural anti-moth repellent in the bag with the clothing, which will add fragrance as well as deter moths from laying eggs near the valuable knitwear.

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