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The Benefits of Inner Mongolian Cashmere

Inner Mongolian Cashmere has many benefits and one of them is that it is eight times warmer than sheep’s wool and 33% lighter. The cashmere fiber has a curl that sheep’s wool does not have. This extra crimp holds pockets of warm air close to the body. Furthermore cashmere is the softest animal fiber available on the market. The softness of a cashmere fiber is measured by micron count.

The micron count is the measure of the diameter of the fiber and the lower the number, the softer the fiber. The cashmere fiber’s low micron count and the length of the fibers, makes it extremely soft and gentle to the skin. The micron count has a great significance when it comes to the quality of the cashmere. That’s why we carefully handpick our cashmere. We only use 100% premium cashmere for all our cashmere pieces. Since the fibers are so short some peeling may always be expected on garments made of 100% premium cashmere, but this can be prevented by taking care of your Cashmere products. Find our cashmere guide and let us help taking care of your cashmere products.

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