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The difference between Knitting yarn and Weaving yarn

Knitting is a technological process that the yarn is formed into a coil and then connected into a knitted fabric through a string. Knitting can be divided into manual knitting and machine knitting. The use of bar needle in hand knitting has a long history, exquisite technology, flexible flower shape, and has been widely spread and developed in the folk. Machine knitting is mainly computer flat machine and circular machine, mainly used for mass production.

Knitted fabrics are mostly used for close fitting underwear, so they are fluffy, soft, smooth, with less hairiness, good wrinkle resistance and air permeability, and have greater extensibility and elasticity, so they are comfortable to wear.

Weaving is used to drive the weft through the opening of the upper and lower opening and closing of the warp. It consists of two or more groups of mutually perpendicular yarns, with 90 degree angle as the warp and weft interweaving structure of one yarn and one yarn. Its basic structure is plain, twill and satin. Woven fabric is made up of these three basic structures and the structures of their cross phase changes. The fabric is generally tight and hard. In addition, knitting is made of one yarn and weaving is made of two yarns, warp and weft. If a fabric has a burr, it is weaving.

The warp of woven yarn generally needs to be sizing and then weaving; the weft of woven yarn needs to be higher than the strength of knitted yarn due to the high-speed weft insertion of shuttle (arrow of arrow loom or air-jet loom or weft storage device of projectile loom), so the twist of woven yarn is usually higher than that of knitted yarn; in addition, due to the high density of warp and weft, it is difficult to manufacture, because In particular, it requires high strength, uneven strength, less hairiness, even sliver and less knots.

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