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The main cashmere-producing breeds of goat we used

Inner Mongolia cashmere goat: The Inner Mongolia cashmere goat is a local dual-purpose breed with a long history. It adapts well to desert and semi desert pastures. The goats can be divided into five strains, Alasan (Alashanzuoqi), Arbus, Erlangshan, Hanshan and Wuzhumuqin. The first three strains produce quality cashmere; the last two have been developed for high production. The average down yield is about 240 grams, with an average down diameter between 14.3 and 15.8 micrometers, the cashmere length is between 41 and 47 mm.

Alashan Zuoqi white cashmere goat: The Alashan Zuoqi white cashmere goat is found on the Alashan Terrace, which is located to the west of the Inner Mongolian plateau. Selective breeding for down production has occurred since 1970. The Alashan Zuoqi goat produces a long, white cashmere with a pleasing lustre. The average down yield is 251 grams at a diameter of 14.5 micrometers.

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