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Tips for Identification of real and fake cashmere

It's not always that easy to distinguish between real and fake cashmere yarns. We can refer to the following suggestions to identify real cashmere.

 1. Hand feeling: cashmere fiber has fine texture and smooth and comfortable hand feeling. Some cashmere sweaters feel smooth, but there is still a feeling of smooth in finger after rubbing. It means people sprinkle talcum powder on the clothes.

 2. To grab: Wool is medullary and strong, but cashmere has no medulla, so it is very elastic.

If you grasp cashmere by hand, you will feel as elastic as glutinous rice


3. To release:Grab a handful of cashmere. Because cashmere is animal protein, so it is difficult to wrinkle, and it will recover immediately after release. 

4. Weigh by hand: weigh a cashmere sweater by hand. If it is too light, this means that the content may be discounted, or the weave density may not be tight enough. But if it's too heavy, it may be mixed with wool. 

5. Burning: when cashmere burns, it not only gives off the burning smell of protein and flint, but also burns slowly. After combustion, the ash is in powder shape, and it is easy to be broken when touched. Wool also has the smell of protein and flint when it is burned, but if it is mixed with chemical fiber, it will shrink rapidly into a hard sphere due to combustion.

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