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Types of cashmere- Grey Cashmere

Grey Cashmere

1. Color: light blue with gray white, a small amount of black silk is allowed, and the color ratio difference is 120%.

2. Origin: Green cashmere is the cashmere produced by Qingshan sheep and brown red goat. The production of green cashmere is less in China. It is mainly produced in Xilingol League and Wulanchabu League of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region with the best quality.

3. Features: the fiber is long, but coarser, with large tensile force and good luster. In addition to the above areas, cashmere production areas in China are also produced in Xinjiang. In the past, cashmere in Xinjiang was purchased in a mixed way, regardless of white cashmere, green cashmere, purple cashmere and red cashmere. Now it has been purchased in a classified way. In Hami, Xinjiang, cashmere is mainly produced in white cashmere, green cashmere, fiber length, fineness, and green cashmere with red flesh. Kashi area mainly produces purple velvet, because of the poor quality of grass in this area, purple velvet is black.

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