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Types of cashmere- White Cashmere

White Cashmere

1. Color: the color is light blue and grayish white. It is not allowed to be mixed with variegated fluff, otherwise, it will be treated at the price of green fluff. The color ratio difference of White Velvet is 150%.

2. Origin: Mongolia Autonomous Region is a famous white cashmere producing area in China, which is produced in etoke banner, etokeqian banner, Hangjin Banner, Zhungeer banner, Dalat banner, wulatzhong, Houhou, Qianqi, Dengkou County, azuo, Youqi and Ejina Banner of the League of Arab States, etc. In April 1988, it was named "Inner Mongolia White Cashmere Goat" by the people's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with a number of about 4 million.

3. Features: long and thin fiber, strong tensile force, good weakness, high cashmere rate, and ice sugar color. Baotou white cashmere is sub white, with long and thin fibers, high tensile force, and the luster is the best of Inner Mongolia cashmere. It is the famous white cashmere producing area in China. Duolun cashmere produced in Xilingol League and hada cashmere produced in Zhaowuda league are blue and white. The fiber is long and thin, with high resistance, good luster, and slightly worse softness than the above white cashmere, such as Yingkou, Gaixian, Tongliao, Qinghai, Liuyuan, Tibet and Hami. It also produces white cashmere. Because of the dry climate in these areas, the sand content in the pile is less, so the pile content is high.

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