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Types of cashmere weave

The plain weave

The plain weave is the simplest of weaves. It's just a straightforward over-under weave forming squares. 

Because the fuzziness of the cashmere fibre fills the space within the empty square between the threads, the tactile feeling of softness is enhanced.

A loose, light weave makes for a very flexible scarf that can be easily styled in different ways.

A closer-woven scarf would be suitable to be worn secured against your skin (soft!), such as when you're out and about in winter wear.

The Herringbone Weave

This weave is a classic - and classy - 'V' shaped weave. This weave sacrifices some softness for tightness. Not that you will notice, because the row of V shapes gives it a silky smooth tactile sensation. It's also a very flexible weave, and easy to style.

The Diamond Weave

The diamond weave is a visually interesting weave for its subtle cascade of interlocking diamond pattern. 

This weave has a more or less similar effect on softness as the herringbone. However, the tactile perception is not as silky, because the diamond pattern is an equally lateral-vertical 'grain'. The symmetry makes it a sturdier weave, so it is perfect for an everyday sort of scarf. 

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