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Washing method of cashmere sweater

Washing method of cashmere sweater

1. Choose a special neutral cashmere detergent, or use shampoo instead. Do not use ordinary alkaline washing powder or liquid.

2. Control the water temperature, not too hot or too cold, about 35 degrees is appropriate.

3. The inner layer of the clothes shall be turned out. After soaking for 5 to 10 minutes, the clothes shall be gently grasped and washed. If there is any stain, the clothes can be gently rubbed on the abdomen instead of being rubbed.

4. Do not wring off the water after washing, which will deform the cashmere sweater. It is recommended to gently press to remove the water.

5. Dehydration is also not very desirable, which will deform the clothes. It can be wrapped and rolled up with a large white towel, and then squeezed hard to absorb water.

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