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Wearing Wool Could be Better for your Skin

Did you know that choosing wool and other natural fibers could be an effective way to get better skin?

Dr Alex Hodgson, textile R&D scientist said: “We discovered that polyester tended to reduce the hydration of the wearers’ skin and also – especially for men – resulted in increased redness or inflammation of the skin. By comparison the skin covered with wool did not show any negative effects during the study. From this, we can see that wool promoted the maintenance of healthy skin whilst polyester had a drying effect with some inflammation.”

Studies showed a connection between better dermatological health and wearing natural wool clothing when tested against polyester. A group of 8 women and 8 men aged 25 to 63 years were asked to wear merino shirts modified with a small patch of polyester on the upper back over a period of four weeks. Scientists regularly tested the volunteers’ skin in lab conditions for various measures of health, such as water loss, hydration, and inflammation.

As we develop our understanding of how the clothes we wear affect our health, we expect to see more and more signs of greener, natural clothing entering the mainstream. If you struggle with dryness or sensitivity, and want to get healthier skin, why not try our cashmere and wool products?

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