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What are the benefits of wool

Wool gives superior performance to man-made fibres, and as wool is a naturally occurring fibre it brings so many other amazing benefits...

1. Wool has balanced thermal insulation properties - meaning it is warm in winter and cool in the summer.

2. Wool Is mostly non-allergenic. Our wool is processed without the use of any harsh chemicals such as chlorine or moth-proofing chemicals. As a result, this fabric is a godsend for people who suffer from allergies.

3. Wool is naturally anti-static - wool generates very little static electricity because of the qualities of its natural fibres. Static attracts lint, dirt, and dust, so its anti-static properties keep it much cleaner for longer.

4. Easily cleaned - wool fabrics clean easily because the outside surface of the wool fibre consists of a series of overlapping scales (similar to the feathers on a bird), which means that dirt sits on the surface of the fibre, making it easy to remove.

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