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What is FULLING in after-finish process


Under the hot and humid condition, the wool fiber aggregate gradually shrinks and gets entangled with each other, and then becomes felted. This property is called the fuzziness of wool fiber. Using this property to deal with the processing technology of sweater is called cashmere sweater. In order to create a good condition for cashmere shrinkage and accelerate the speed of cashmere shrinkage, chemical reagents are usually added when cashmere shrinkage. At present, cashmere shrinking technology is mainly used in cashmere, camel hair, rabbit hair, fengzai hair, Xuelan hair and other woolen sweaters, and worsted sweaters are often treated with clean washing and wet finishing or light shrinking finishing at room temperature and short time to improve appearance.


The main purpose of cashmere sweater is to improve the internal quality and appearance of sweater products.

Shrinkage can make the fabric compact, shorten the length, increase the weight and thickness of square meters, enhance the strength, elasticity and warmth retention.

The surface of the shrunk sweater shows a layer of fluff, which makes the appearance beautiful, the hand feeling rich and soft, and the color soft. In addition, the fluff produced by cashmere can play a role of desalination and cover up for some original defects of the sweater, so that it will not be obviously exposed on the surface of the fabric.

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