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What is Merino Wool?

Merino Wool is a type of material that comes from Merino Sheep and is renowned for its exceptional properties. These include its fantastic softness, shine and breathability. The fibers of Merino wool are softer, finer, and more sensitive than many other fabrics. Common wool types are warm, durable, water repellent, and naturally insulating. All the exceptional qualities of the Merino sheep wool add up to make the recipe for world leading wool. The incomparable quality has made it not only highly praised but also highly sought after.
Despite a variation in grades among Merino Wool, the diameter of the wool is consistently microscopic – ranging from 11.5 microns to roughly 24 microns. Thanks to selective breeding, the Merino Sheep can produce this ultrafine wool which is finer and of a higher quality than other types of wool.

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