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What is Water-Soluble Cashmere?

Water soluble cashmere is blended with PVA (PVA: polyvinyl alcohol is a kind of textile assistant, completely soluble in water at 60-70 ℃, tasteless, nontoxic, colorless and transparent aqueous solution, which can biodegrade naturally in a short time). It not only enriches the varieties of cashmere yarn, but also makes up for the shortcomings of low strength of cashmere yarn and easy to break in weaving, reduces the spinning difficulty of cashmere yarn;

The products woven by water-soluble vinylon and cashmere blended cashmere yarn have more fluffy, greasy and soft hand feel, unique style, higher spinning count and lighter fabric structure. PVA solution treatment should be carried out in the process of finishing after weaving. Soak the knitted products in the above water temperature for about 30 minutes, rinse several times more, and remove the PVA solution. This process mainly uses the principle of PVA dissolving at high temperature to meet the requirements of product indexes.

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