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What is Worsted Cashmere?

Worsted cashmere yarn a cashmere yarn made from a worsted wool spinning system. It is difficult to spin cashmere yarn, which is usually blended. The basic production process is similar to the ordinary wool worsted process, including cashmere sliver making, pre-spinning, post spinning, and yarn forming. Pay attention to filling the oil with wool when making strips, and use low speed, small speed ratio and small spacing for combing. You can also use the cover carding machine to comb cashmere. The blending of cashmere strip and wool strip shall be carried out in the later section of the front spinning project. Worsted cashmere is woven yarn and knitted yarn are evaluated according to enterprise standard and ministry standard respectively. It can be made into light, smooth, soft and delicate worsted fabric, cashmere sweater and other products.

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