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What is the difference between Knit & Woven

When describing fabrics, the terms “knit” and “woven” refer to the actual construction of material. Woven material is made when yarn or groups of interlocked fibers are weaved horizontally and vertically in an over-under-over-under manner (see image below). Knit fabrics are made when small loops of the yarn or thread are interlocked in a “stitch.” Up close, multiple stitches resemble columns of V’s. Knitting can be used to make anything from chunky wool sweaters to the fine-knit jersey material in T-shirts. Because of its structure, knits are inherently more stretchy than woven materials. Unless they contain some amount of elastic, lycra or spandex, woven fabrics will not stretch. Wovens also tend to wrinkle and crease more easily than knits. Linen, denim, tweed, and silk are all examples of woven materials.


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