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What is the mercerized wool

Mercerized wool is to handle the wool textile by mercerization. Mercerized wool craft was dated from mid ninety, it is a new dyed craft that develops based on the traditional wool chlorination shrink proof craft. Wool textile has cashmere soft and luster after mercerization. Because of these features, mercerized wool is popular among people.

Usually they use Basolan DC to chloridize or use protease to break wool scale to decrease the wool friction. The wool is very soft and luster after mercerized. For other country, they put the wool in the steam and pull 30%-50%, and then use cold water to finalize the design, the long and thin wool was called mercerized wool.

The mercerized wool can be pure textile or can be blended with other fiber. The feature is shrink proof, machine washable and anti-pilling. Nowadays, mercerized wool is very popular; the market share has over ordinary wool market share.

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