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What is the serious problem of cashmere sweater shedding

Generally, cashmere sweaters shedding because of improper cleaning. Cashmere fibers, like our hair, have slices of mud (like bamboo shoots), so they tend to curl and accumulate to a certain size because of friction or rubbing. If the detergent is alkaline with detergent powder or soap, the wool fibers will be destroyed, and the long fibers will break, so the fibers will fall off. Another reason is that cashmere sweater manufacturers in order to pursue the soft feel of cashmere sweaters, will reduce the roll of weaving, which will also cause hair loss. Because most cashmere sweaters are washed, a small amount of hair loss is a normal phenomenon. The knack of cashmere sweater not falling wool:

If you want cashmere sweaters not to shed wool, cleaning is the key, it is recommended that the best dry cleaning and hand washing. In fact, as long as we pay more attention to some details when cleaning, cashmere sweater hair loss problem can be solved. But woolen sweaters are easy to shrink and deform after cleaning. This is also a place to pay more attention to when cleaning. Pure wool cashmere sweaters cannot be washed with detergent. They should be cleaned with special silk and wool detergent. Don't use hot water when washing. It's better to use warm water close to cold water. Rub it gently when rubbing, and dry it flat after washing. On weekdays, we should also pay attention to the moth prevention of cashmere sweaters.Although cashmere sweater shedding, but to prevent cashmere sweater shedding treatment is actually very simple. Learn the knowledges above to prevent cashmere sweaters from falling, so you don't have to worry about cashmere sweaters in the future.

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