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What's the difference between cashmere and wool

High quality and expensive clothing come in all shapes and forms. They vary in design, style, colors, embellishments, and ultimately, in the materials they are made from.

Today, per the title, we will take a look at these two popular types of wool and Cashmere. We will learn more about their origin, their use and the differences between the two, in the hopes of understanding their purpose better and the reasons why they are expensive.

Cashmere comes from goat and wool is produced by sheep. And cashmere is rarer than wool, because one sheep can produce several wool sweaters but dozens of goats can only create one. So, as a matter of course, the price of cashmere is deserved expensive than wool.

Cashmere is eight times warmer than sheep's wool. It is also significantly lighter if the garment is made of high-quality, 100-percent cashmere.

Durability will depend heavily on the quality. In general, merino wool is the sturdiest, though the least soft, and is usually the cheapest. High-quality cashmere is durable but very expensive, and cheap cashmere tends to be very shoddy.

Merino wool is naturally more elastic and durable than cashmere, so it's often used to make active wear and base layers. Because the fibers are so strong, they can be used to make layers and socks that vary widely in weight.

Cashmere has a similar resilience to sheep’s wool, but the fine fibers of cashmere generally make it more delicate than wool. When cashmere is finished into clothing, the nap is typically raised on the wool to improve the softness.

Cashmere is much warmer than wool and feels more smoothly, if slightly fold, just hang it one night and then it can restore smooth. Cashmere product is shrink resistant after washing.

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