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What's the difference between worsted cashmere and woolen cashmere

Cashmere sweater is now a common textile, according to the different production process, the production of textiles is also a big difference, now, to understand the worsted cashmere sweater and woolen cashmere sweater identification method. There are five main differences:

1. Worsted and woolen cashmere sweater of the milling temperature is different, the woolen milling temperature is greater than 42 degrees Celsius, worsted milling temperature is lower, is less than 35 degrees Celsius. 

2. Whether the need to dry different: worsted does not need, mainly is to consider the impact of drying on textiles; The carding needs to be dried.

3. The choice of softener is different: for worsted, choose hydrophilic flexible primer. For woolen, choose silicone soft primer for treatment.

4. the production process of these two textiles is different in the degree of precision, worsted to be treated with nanotechnology, however, for the carded is not required.

Through the above four aspects, you can quickly identify the two kinds of cashmere sweater.

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