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What’s the purpose of the “afterfinish” of cashmere fabric

When the cashmere fabric is in the piece dyeing, the cashmere fiber was damaged due to the high dyeing temperature, so that the texture of the finished dyed fabric was decreased in hand feeling, strength, gloss, freshness and destroyed its natural quality.In order to improve it, the “afterfinish” technical treatment becomes necessary. Firstly, to make cashmere fabric width neat and uniform; size and shape stable. The main methods are: constant amplitude (pull), mechanical or chemical shrinkproof treatment, wrinkle resistant and heat setting etc.Secondly, to improve the appearance of cashmere fabric, that is to say, to improve the gloss of the fabric, whiteness, increases or decrease villus of the surface. The main methods are: Whitening, calendering, electro-optic, sanding, shearing and fulling etc.Thirdly, to improve the hand feeling, to make it soft and smooth, plump, stiffness, thin or thick integrated touch feeling mainly by chemical or mechanical method.Fourthly, to improve the durability of the cashmere fabric and it is mainly by chemical methods to prevent the damage or erosion from sunlight, air or microorganisms on the cashmere fiber, and to prolong the service life of it. Such as mothproof, mildewproof finishing etc.

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