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Which suits you better, a woolen sweater or a worsted sweater?

Which suits you better, a woolen sweater or a worsted sweater?


Woolen cashmere is full and compact. There are fine fluff on the surface, and the texture is generally not exposed. Feel warm, plump and elastic. It has a stronger velvety sense and a weaker year-on-year luster sense. The raw yarn count of woolen cashmere is low, the thread is relatively thick, the fabric is thicker, the surface is fuller, softer and warmer, the surface of the fabric is fluffy and bony, the color is uniform and slightly glossy, the hand touch is warm, there is no crease after folding and pressing, the body of the wool is soft and elastic, which is mostly used for knitting in autumn and winter cold season, and the warmth and comfort are valued.


The surface of the worsted cashmere fabric is smooth and smooth, and the weave is fine and clear. Soft and natural luster, pure color. It is soft and elastic, and the fabric is generally thinner than that of woollen. The finished product has the luster of silk, is smooth, looks delicate and smooth, and is relatively more friendly to skin sensitive people's Worsted.


Worsted cashmere has high count, finer yarn, fine and light fabric, which is mostly used in warm weather in spring and summer. However, it is also related to the proportion and count of cashmere. For example, the gauze 48s/3 of worsted pure cashmere belong to autumn and winter materials, which can be worn in early spring and autumn, while more than 60s/3 of worsted pure cashmere belong to spring and summer products. In the worsted cashmere blend, the cashmere content is generally lower in spring and summer, such as 15% 30% and other spring and summer materials, such as silk, wool and cotton, which not only increase the softness and comfort, but also promote the skin ventilation.

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