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Why cashmere is the best choice for your baby

As we are so particular about comfort, class and the feel of the fabric, so are babies. In fact, babies are even more sensitive and delicate. 

Cashmere is incredibly soft against a baby’s delicate new skin (and yours!), while being cozy and warm. Light and strong it is surprisingly durable and its timeless styling means you’ll want to dress your baby in cashmere again and again.

The cashmere fibre is breathable material, it keeps body heat in during cold weather but allows the body to maintain a comfortable temperature in warmer weather without overheating.

This fibre does not cause any allergy or itchiness, making it soft on the skin. This is the biggest concern for most parents, which is taken care of by cashmere.

Cashmere is water-resistant and can absorb excess moisture, among all other fibres. Interestingly, it can take in up to 35% of its weight in water without feeling messy or wet to touch. It then releases this moisture into the atmosphere to keep the wearer warm and dry. This way, the baby’s skin stays dry and regulates the temperature.

Another property of Cashmere which sets it apart from the rest is its odour-resistant characteristic. This fibre can repel the bacteria that leads to odour, which means your baby will keep feeling fresh and not sweaty.

The cashmere is soft and will not irritate the baby's sensitive skin. In fact, the blanket gets softer with age and washings.

Durable: The cashmere should last for years as the child grows. A well-made cashmere should not unravel or pill excessively. It’s easier than you think to care for too. Gently hand wash with cool water or cool wool cycle inside a garment bag with a gentle liquid wash or baby shampoo to keep it looking great for years to come – perfect for handing down to lucky family members! 

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